Ian Truelove

Collapsing Skin: Expanding Painting Through New Digital Technologies

This programme of practice-based research has sought to explore an expanded notion of the practice of painting through the exploitation of newly accessible digital technologies. The work is informed by the science of materiality in the field of quantum physics and related philosophical discussions. Of particular importance is the idea of skin as a surface of the human, as a point between the classical and quantum realms, and as an impossibly thin digital skin.

Flat digital paintings are used as the starting point for the construction of an immersive virtual reality environment, pushing painted pixels into this platform of spatial presence. 

The VR artwork is developed using Unity and C#, and is available to download from the Steam Store here:


The research operates within the expanded field of painting, with a respect for the traditions of this practice and its history. The work resonates with early modernism, but draws inspiration from the striated space painters of the School of London, and smooth space painters such as Bouguereau and Ingres.